6 Ongoing Phases Of My Business Plan.

Is My Plan any Good?

Andrew Crabtree


I’ve always wanted to be a businessman. I remember when I was around 8 years old, I witnessed a man getting out of a black BMW 5 Series in what looked like an expensive suit. I always said that’s what I wanted to be rather than working in a manufacturing or construction job.

I didn’t really have the first clue what being a businessman meant. To be honest, I still don’t, but I do know that I want to build my own organisation that does some good in the world — and for me, this involves supporting an industry in maximising its opportunity to improve the world.

Below is how I am putting my dreams into reality. In the spirit of term, sunlight is the best disinfectant, I’m choosing to be transparent as it forces me to think through my steps by writing them down, I will learn from anyone willing to comment and maybe even help others in a position similar to mine.

Business Planning by Med Badr Chemmaoui on Unsplash

Phase 1: Build It, And They Will Come

The first phase was pretty much completed in ignorance. I knew the nuclear industry could provide clean energy for the benefit of the environment, I knew the nuclear industry had a problem with attracting talent to achieve these benefits.

I believed others in the industry were aware of the same, and if I built a website that could attract people, educate them on the industry and range of roles available and provide them with links to where they can apply for live jobs or upskill, nuclear employers would be queuing around the corner to work with us — right?

Status: there was a lot of effort into building the website. I would estimate that 2,500 hours of my time was spent getting the website to the position that I was happy to share it with the world. This was during the lockdown when I had little else to do.

Goal: Complete — ongoing updates needed to maintain relevance and quality, including information and links.

Phase 2: Spead The Word



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