Ego’s within a project

What is an ego?

Whenever I think of the word “EGO” I immediately think of the negative connotations of famous sports or business people; Flash suits, Ferrari’s, rich kids sipping champagne making remarks such as “she shops at Primark?!” on US trash TV. To be clear; I am wrong! Dead wrong in fact!

Ego-Driven Project Management

In lack of being able to think of any other better analysis tool let’s do a SWOT analysis based on the fact that any project manager is ego driven:

  • The PM will be motivated to deliver the project outcome which is good thing as this is why the project has been established in the first place.
  • With this motivation it is likely that the PM is at ‘arms-length’ from the detail which leads to freedom/empowerment of project team to deliver.
  • The PM is focussed at delivery even ‘at all costs’.
  • Due to arms-length the PM less inclined to understand project status and is more inclined to report “all rosy” if communication exists at all.
  • A clear delivery focussed mission statement that the whole team has bought into.
  • Innovation within the project is set to flourish.
  • Cohesion within the team and the wider organisation.
  • Relationship and reputation building.
  • No project management control of the project leads to cost and programme overruns.
  • No communications with stakeholders.
  • Conflict throughout the project team and organisation.

Call to action

Okay so now what do you do? You understand what an ego is, how individuals use their ego and what are the behaviours that the ego drives. So how do you apply this to your project as the project manager?

10 things that a project manager should do with his and that of his teams ego.

1. Check your ego


In summary it is the responsibility of all within a project team to manage their ego. It is especially the responsibility of the project manager to ensure that the ego’s within the project team — in particularly that of the PM’s own ego — is utilised in a positive manner to deliver the outcomes of the project as a minimum whilst achieving much more in developed relationships which will have a much bigger benefit in the future.



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