The largest marketing campaign in the history of Nuclear in the UK.

Andrew Crabtree
4 min readFeb 14, 2024

Something exciting is happening in the UK.

As part of the effort to decarbonise our energy grid the UK Government has made several commitments, one of which includes the commitment to extend the use of nuclear energy across the UK.

They will do this by extending existing power plants and building new ones in parallel to decommissioning the retired fleet and continuing nuclear deterrence efforts.

This means a lot of work, which equals a lot of jobs and demand for workers.

Step in Destination Nuclear:

Destination Nuclear Logo

“To redefine how the nuclear industry is portrayed, marketed and reported upon to a social generation.”

About Destination Nuclear

In response to Nuclear facing its biggest expansion in 70 years, the Government outlined its Nuclear Roadmap, which included plans to:

🎯support thousands of jobs

⬇️reduce electricity bills

🛡️improve energy security

But to meet these ambitions, we need, by 2040, to recruit 120,000 people into the sector and that’s where Destination Nuclear comes in.



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