What I’ve Learned From National Apprenticeship Week

Photo by Vance Osterhout on Unsplash

The Reality

Through Get Into Nuclear, I have been working with a sizeable nuclear employer, NNL, supported them in bringing new approaches to attracting talent into the nuclear industry.

What’s The Point?

The above numbers only consider one role. According to a House of Commons Briefing Paper, multiply them by the 322,500 apprentices that started in the UK in 2020, and you are faced with some serious numbers.

The Benefits

It took me a while to understand, but some clear benefits are directly attributed to NAW.

  • We have showcased the range of roles available in nuclear, not just those that involve wearing a lab coat.
  • We have also undertaken targeted marketing of specific areas to bring career opportunities to areas that historically have low applications.



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Andrew Crabtree

Andrew Crabtree

Husband, Dad, Programme Manager in the Nuclear Industry | ex-pro rugby player, 4x Ironman finisher, ex-Bank Manager | getintonuclear.com