Why A Project Manager Can Never Rely On Memory Alone

Our Memory Is Not What We Think It Is

There has been much research on the unreliability of human memory. The law relies much more on hard evidence than the memory of an eyewitness to convict criminals.

Your Word Against Theirs

The problem with human memory is that everyone thinks theirs is excellent.

Record It

Relying on your memory is only going to end in confusion, particularly as the years roll on.

We Are Not Mind Readers

So let’s pretend that you have an excellent memory and remember every single change the client wanted, right down to the nuts and bolts.

How Do You Do This

The answer to this question will always be different for each project.

To Sum Up

As part of my work, I’ve always been vigilant to keep on top of my notes. I’ll either keep the notes for myself as my paper brain, share them as an email, as they are after the meeting or use them to create formal minutes of meetings as required.



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Andrew Crabtree

Andrew Crabtree

Husband, Dad, Programme Manager in the Nuclear Industry | ex-pro rugby player, 4x Ironman finisher, ex-Bank Manager | getintonuclear.com