You Can’t Be Pro-Environment If You Are Anti-Nuclear

Photo credit: @li_anlim at Unsplash

Why is nuclear hitting the headlines?

CO2 emissions continue to increase temperatures worldwide, resulting in rising sea levels, creating food and water shortages, increasing weather extremes, and increasing the risk of global conflict.

So, that’s it. Panic over? We have a solution.

Well, not really. Nuclear energy isn’t a foregone conclusion — not from the government’s standpoint and the general public approval anyway.

Let’s Put Nuclear Energy Into Perspective

The loss of one single life is tragic. It is never pleasant to compare anything based on the number of deaths incurred, but this is what the media forces us to do to be able to make a like-for-like comparison.

Credit: Harvard University
Credit: Harvard University

But what about all the nuclear waste?

“What about it?” I ask.

Nuclear Power and Climate Change

The hazards associated with nuclear energy are different to those faced when using other technologies to generate energy. Understandably, this breeds fear of operating atomic power regardless of what the facts tell us.



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Andrew Crabtree


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