Nuclear Energy is Green. It uses the least land, produces the lowest carbon, and creates the most power.

“An engine of sustainable development worldwide. That’s why nuclear is a vital part of the clean energy mix.”

Nuclear reactors harness the heat released from splitting atoms to make green electricity, whatever…

A careers hub is a dedicated area in which a candidate (you) can visit and find everything that they need to find a job in their particular field of interest. Career hubs range variably by sector, skills or simply company.

Below we have listed many websites for you to consider when looking for a career hub. But first lets assess why career hubs are such useful tools when looking for work.

Pink Connect has been providing leading edge business communication services since 2002 to thousands of UK Businesses, both large and small.

Led by customer demand, market trends and a deep understanding of SME Business needs, we have developed a comprehensive range of smart communication products and services that almost all…

Andrew Crabtree

Husband, Dad, Programme Manager in the Nuclear Industry | ex-pro rugby player, 4x Ironman finisher, ex-Bank Manager |

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